Strategic Planning Retreats

There are times when an off-site environment is exactly what is needed to encourage creative, constructive and productive meetings or to work with your executive management team to provide them with the necessary tools to be effective and successful. We can plan a customized strategic planning retreat to fit the particular goals and objectives of your business or organization.

As a valuable service, we will provide you with both a pre-retreat visit to learn your retreat goals and a post-retreat written summary of proceedings for the retreat. This working document will enable you to make the most of your retreat experience.

Our team has facilitated planning retreats for numerous quasi-governmental agencies. We provided advice and assistance in agenda development, prepared retreat written and graphic materials, moderated seminar-format retreat discussions and wrote the post-retreat Summary of Proceedings. Our services aided orderly planning and management and helped bring about a wide range of enhancements, both "brick and mortar" and special events in the area.